Take to the open seas for a guided fishing experience offshore the spectacular coast of St Davids. Departing from nearby St Justinian’s, the most westerly harbour on the Welsh coast, you could spend a few hours fishing for mackerel or bass in and around Ramsey Sound; or for a longer experience, the crew will take you out to deeper waters in search of the many wrecks, reefs and islands that lie within the Celtic and Irish Seas.

Take a quick trip out into Ramsey Sound to ‘feather up’ some fresh mackerel for your tea!

Whilst you are drifting around the Sound you can take in the stunning scenery whilst waiting for the frantic pulling on your line of one of the tastiest fish in the sea. The crew will be on hand to show you how it’s done unhook your fish and even prep them so they are ‘barbecue ready’ saving you all the mess. This is a great trip for all the family. There is also the chance of catching wrasse, coalfish, gurnard, codling and bass on these trips.

  • All tackle and tuition is provided.
  • Fun for all the family.
  • Fish prepared BBQ ready.

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This trip is designed to give you a real chance of hooking into a big hard diving pollock.

We are ideally situated to get out to the Islands of the “Bishops and Clerks” as well as the many other reefs scattered around the North Pembrokeshire coast, where fish up to 10lbs are regularly caught! We also often catch wrasse, coalfish, gurnard, codling and bass on these trips as well.

  • All tackle and tuition is provided.
  • Ideal for the novice.
  • A good chance of catching a large fish.

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For a slightly more relaxed approach!

For a slightly more relaxed approach, but still with a good chance of catching some good-sized fish and a great variety, why not try dropping down a baited hook to see what’s hiding in the depths beneath. From little flatfish right up to big sharks, the reefs and sand banks hold them all at the right time!

  • All tackle and tuition is provided.
  • Drifting the reefs and banks.
  • Fishing at anchor.

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A deeper and more involved fishing experience

This trip starts with a bit of bait collecting where we will be having a go at ‘feathering up’ some fresh mackerel or sand eel for bait. We then head out to fish some of the many reefs or sandbanks in the area. Where we will either be ‘drifting’ with fresh bait or artificial lures, at anchor with fresh/frozen baits or a mixture of the two.

  • Rod & reel provided.
  • Terminal tackle charged at cost.
  • Specialist baits available with notice.

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Historical wreck sights and Celtic & Irish sea-fishing.

The Irish and Celtic Sea are littered with many shipwrecks, mostly dating back to the first and second world war and were mostly sunk by U-boats whilst on passage through St George’s channel. These wrecks offer the perfect home for large shoals of Pollack, which use the wreck to shelter from the tide and stalk their prey. Sat above the Pollack, coalfish can sometimes be found, with cod, ling and conger hiding down close to the seabed in and around the wreck. There have also been pouting, whiting, spurdogs and haddock caught on these trips. Many of these wrecks are quite large, giving a decent drifting time and are all between 65m and 110m deep, so this type of fishing isn’t for the faint hearted.

St. Justinians is an ideally situated departure point for fishing the wrecks of the Celtic sea and Irish sea, with a whole host of wreck’s within 20 miles, which means less time steaming and more time fishing. These trips give a good opportunity to stock the freezer up with quality fillets, as fish from these depths cannot be returned, but the crew will prep your catch for you as long as time permits. Tackle The basic set up for drift fishing the wrecks is a 12lbs-20lbs boat rod, around 7ft+ paired with a 15 or 20 size multiplier loaded with 30lbs braid and a 30lbs mono leader.

A flying color rig of 20lbs – 30lbs Amnesia or Fluro carbon works best at lengths from 6ft to 12ft using a boom rig, triplex swivel or Portland rig. When lots of smaller fish are present, a boom rig with two lures works well. You will also need a selection of imitation eels in both 4”and 6” and in a variety of colors, shads can work quit well close to the seabed and there is always a place for the good old jelly worms! Baited Hokais and Muppets can work quite well when the tides are slacker to pick out a variety of species.

To get down to the Wreck, a selection of lead weights from 6oz to 1lbs will be required. We prefer to connected the weight with a lighter length of mono known as a rotten bottom, to help keep tackle losses down. We have always favored the cannon ball lead as they tend to bounce off things better, but can be a pain when rolling round the deck!

  • Rod & reel available to hire.
  • Terminal tackle available at cost.
  • Free hot drinks.

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Bass Fishing across tidal reefs and banks.

The tidal reefs and banks around this stretch of coast have some excellent bass fishing from May to November with the better fish being caught in the autumn. The best way to catch bass is with live bait, especially when the water is clear and the bass are being fussy. But at the right time these fantastic sporting fish will take any lure you throw at them! Fishing is always done on the drift over sand banks or tidal reefs.

*Please note that during 2021 there is a limit of 2 bass per angler per day between March 1st and November 30th, with a minimum size limit of 45cm

  • Tackle provided.
  • Lost lures charged at cost.

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What’s Included
  • All tackle and tuition is provided
    Fun for all the family
    Fish prepared BBQ ready

What to Bring
  • Warm clothes
    Shoes you don’t mind getting wet
    Hat, sunglasses & suntan lotion
    A big bag for your catch

Blue Shark charters is the only dedicated charter fishing vessel running fishing trips from St. Justinian’s harbour on the outskirts of Britain’s smallest city St Davids. Being the most westerly harbour on the welsh coast we are ideally situated to get you quickly out to some of the many offshore reefs, sandbanks and wrecks located off the west wales coast.


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