About Artist & Art Details

Remi Rough’s art began on walls and trains in South London in 1984. Today it has been exhibited in cities as wide as Miami, Newcastle, Berlin and New York. A respected train writer, Remi has played a significant part in the development of ‘abstract graffiti’.

His infinitely coloured and shaded palette is worked out through deceptively simple arrangements of lines and angles that bring colours into unexpected encounters with each other. His work brings the movement and style of train writing into the gallery’s space, condensed to its essential ingredients of line and colour.

As part of the collective Agents of Change, Remi has been re-imagining public spaces, whether in an abandoned ‘ghost village’ in Scotland transformed into a massive outdoor gallery or on the exterior of the Megaro Hotel in the centre of London, offering passers by the sight of a new and dramatic mural five storeys high.

The interplay of line and colour on Remi’s canvasses points to a dialogue with shape and space and when we look at Remi’s images today, we think about the spaces around us, whether in a gallery or a city street, we lose ourselves in the sheer pleasure that he offers us through the geometry of colour.