Water & Bees Pilgrimage: Tŷ’r Pererin to St David’s Cathedral – Distance: 5 km – 10:30 am – 3 pm

Experience a unique Pilgrim Fayre day as participants embark on a guided walk, uniting the rich symbolism of water and bees along the path that connects Saint Aidan and Saint David. This extraordinary journey invites individuals to explore the deep connections between these elements and the magnificent landscape.

The day begins with a warm welcome and refreshments at Tŷ’r Pererin, where participants gather before being guided to the Cathedral. Accompanied by the captivating melodies of Côr Pawb & the Pererin Wyf / I am a pilgrim project, the group sets off through the enchanting Glyn Rhosyn valley. Along the way, they pass an ancient water mill, traverse a nature reserve with a stepping stone bridge, and eventually arrive at the picturesque Porthclais harbour.

As the pilgrim’s progress, they encounter wells, springs, rivers, hives, and skeps, each sharing stories that link Dewi and Aidan to the surrounding landscape. At Cross Square, they join the lively celebrations and the Pilgrim Parade led by Small World Theatre. This procession features a magnificent giant puppet of Saint David and an impressive 6m-long sea monster, accompanied by musicians and pupils from Ysgol Penrhyn. The journey continues as the group follows the giant St David Puppet through the Cathedral grounds to witness the captivating “Do the Little Things” artwork by Bedwyr Williams before joining the Fayre at 3 pm.

The Pilgrim Fayre greets the participants with a lively medieval marketplace, showcasing an array of stalls offering the finest local wares. Delicious, award-winning food and drinks made from locally sourced ingredients tempt the taste buds. Mischief makers, meandering minstrels, and holy relic sellers create an atmosphere of wonder, complemented by surprise pop-up performances.

Throughout the day, participants can immerse themselves in traditional crafts and skills used to construct the Bishop’s Palace and St Davids Cathedral. Skilled artisans from the Tywi Centre share their knowledge of historic buildings, demonstrating decorative plasterwork, stone carving, thatching, traditional window making, and more. The impact of the Ancient Connections project is revealed through a program of films screened in the vaults of the Palace, featuring artists and community commissions from Wales and Ireland.

The celebration concludes with open-air concerts featuring ancient music from Wales and the Celtic nations, performed by renowned folk musicians Julie Murphy, Ceri Rhys Matthews, and Jess Ward. The ruined Palace’s magnificent, historical setting adds to the musical experience’s enchantment.

Highlights of the Pilgrimage:

  • Embrace a Bring Your Own Beliefs practice
  • Experience sacred places in new and profound ways
  • Engage in pilgrim songs along the path
  • Find moments of serenity and silence
  • Rediscover one’s place in the British pilgrimage tradition
  • Immerse in the natural beauty of the wild spaces between land and sea

Who can participate? The pilgrimage is open to anyone over 18 years old (or under 18 with parental guidance, considering the walking distance).

Save the date and become part of the extraordinary Water & Bees Pilgrimage on May 29th!

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