The Prince and Princess of Wales marked the first anniversary of the Queen’s death in St Davids Cathedral. In a heartfelt tribute to the memory of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and Catherine observed the first anniversary of the passing of the nation’s longest-reigning monarch, who had departed this world at the age of 96 exactly one year ago.

The poignant event unfolded today within the walls of St Davids Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, a location steeped in history, pilgrimage, and worship for over 1,400 years. Founded by St David, the patron saint of Wales, in the sixth century, the cathedral held a unique spiritual significance.
During the service at St Davids Cathedral, Prince William and Catherine not only paid their respects to Queen Elizabeth II but also took part in a commemoration of her extraordinary life. Following the service, the royal couple had the privilege of meeting local residents who had the honour of encountering Queen Elizabeth II during her visits to the UK’s smallest city.

This intimate gathering served as a poignant reminder of Queen Elizabeth II’s enduring legacy, as she had dedicated her life to serving her nation and its people. As the Prince and Princess of Wales joined the congregation in St Davids Cathedral, they continued a tradition of remembrance deeply rooted in the British monarchy’s history.

Queen Elizabeth II’s connection to St David’s Cathedral ran deep. She had become the first monarch to visit the cathedral since the Reformation when she graced the site with the late Duke of Edinburgh during a royal tour of Wales in August 1955. On several occasions during her visits to the cathedral, she had occupied the special stall, a tradition that had carried on through the years.

St Davids Cathedral, a historical gem from 1181, welcomed approximately 300,000 visitors yearly. The cathedral officially obtained city status in 1995 when Queen Elizabeth II presented the town council with a letters patent, elevating it to a full city council during a memorable ceremony held within the cathedral’s sacred walls.