About Artist & Art Details

Based in Bristol and the most prominent member of Mecca’s Scrawl Collective, Mr Jago garnered early recognition for his figurative paintings of robotic figures, influenced by comics, hip-hop and B-boy culture.  This recognition led to collaborations between Mr Jago and some of the world’s biggest brands.  Never static, Mr Jago’s style evolved, bringing a rarely-seen level of sophistication to the medium of spray paint and the genre of urban art in general.

Indeed, Mr Jago’s current work evidences the maturity of technique, deft use of colour, formal organisation and visceral spontaneity.   His opulently colourful canvases, often described as the evolutionary successors to the master paintings of Impressionist or Abstract Expressionist movements, reflect Mr Jago’s rabid imagination and stream-of-consciousness approach – the meaning of Mr Jago’s work presents itself through his process.

Mr Jago often describes his painting as a therapeutic practice, which enables him to work through his anxieties about where the human race is heading as a species and the effect that modernity has had on the environment.  About the body of work he has produced for Twr y Felin, Mr Jago says: “This body of work came as a relief.  My obsessions with everything that is going wrong gave way to the celebration of a deeply beautiful part of the world and the legends that inform its unique culture.  St David’s marked me like the waves and the wind have etched the coastline’s ancient rocks.